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What is Hauling and Waste Managment?

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In California, unless specifically exempted, it is unlawful for any person to transport hazardous wastes, unless the person holds a valid registration issued by the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). 

Hazardous waste transporters must comply with:

  • California Vehicle Code, CHP Regulations (CA Code Regulations, title 13)
  • California State Fire Marshal Regulations (CA Code Regulations, title 19)
  • United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (49 Code of Federal Regulations)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Regulations, Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations.


In addition, hazardous waste transporters must comply with the Health & Safety Code and CA Code Regulations, title 22 which are administered by DTSC. All drivers employed by a Hazardous Waste Transporter must possess a valid Driver’s License with a hazardous materials endorsement.

Waste Management

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is a waste with properties that make it potentially dangerous or harmful to human health or the environment. The universe of hazardous wastes is large and diverse.

Hazardous wastes can be:

  • Liquids, solids, or contained gases.
  • They can be the by-products of manufacturing processes, discarded used materials, or discarded unused commercial products, such as cleaning fluids (solvents) or pesticides.


In regulatory terms, hazardous waste is a waste that appears on one of the four RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) hazardous wastes lists (the F-list, K-list, P-list, or U-list) or that exhibits one of the four characteristics of a hazardous waste – ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity. However, materials can be hazardous wastes even if they are not specifically listed or don’t exhibit any characteristic of a hazardous waste. For example, “used oil,” products which contain materials on California’s M-list, materials regulated pursuant to the mixture or derived-from rules, and contaminated soil generated from a “clean up” can also be hazardous wastes.

To view the hazardous waste regulations and statutes, go to the DTSC Laws page. See the list of California Hazardous Waste Codes for a complete list of codes. Note: “Hazardous waste regulations,” as used on this web page, refers to Chapters 10 through 32 of Division 4.5 of Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.

examples of what we can haul


  • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal
    • RCRA/NON RCRA Liquids and Solids
    • Oil/Oily Solids
    • Corrosive/Alkaline Liquids & Solids
    • Organic/Inorganic Waste
    • Landfill
    • Incineration

Specialized Services

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Abatement
  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Restoration
  • Facility Dry-Outs
  • Meth Lab Clean-Ups
  • Chemical Lab Packaging


  • Smoke Detectors
  • Tritium Exit Signs
  • Light Bulbs/Tubes
  • Batteries
  • Light Ballasts

Hazardous & Non Hazardous Transportation Services

  • Bulk Solids Transportation
  • Drum Liquid/Solid Transportation
  • Small Quantity (LTL) Transportation

Services We Provide

MESS Clean Up worksite of external residential property with nice landscaping and clean. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition

Secure Information Destruction

We at M.E.S.S. provide expert lead answers and will work to acomplish our clients goals in a safe and efficient manner. 
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MESS Clean Up worksite removing insulation. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition

Global Recall Services

As a contractor, you don’t have time to be worrying about whether your abatement team will show up, do the job right, and turn in their paperwork on time. MESS will make you look good by working with your other subcontractors to make sure your job site is clean and cleared when it’s supposed to be, so that you can keep the job moving.

MESS Clean Up exterior office building. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition. Property Managers example

Communication Solutions

As a property manager you will find that we will answer your questions and provide a safe solution for any lead project.
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MESS Clean Up worksite of exterior brick government contract building with flag. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition

Regulated Medical Waste

We have the staff and the ability to take on any large government lead project, from lead safe activities to full lead abatement & RCRA waste disposal.

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