Selective Demolition

We provide selective demolition by using HEPA filtration and poly sheet barriers to isolate our work areas from the remaining balance of the building.

Selective Demolition is a process that not only protects our clients but also protects our workers from exposure to any hazard such as fiberglass, dust, etc.

Some lesser known
selective demolition facts

Selective demolition is a process that minimizes dust.

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The most common methods for controlling demolition dust are surface wetting and airborne capture. The goal is to prevent dust problems by wetting the source before particles can become airborne, usually with hand-held hoses or movable sprinklers.

We use HEPA filtration & Poly sheeting critical barriers.

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HEPA Vacuums and poly barriers will be used on floors, walls and entry ways are also used to minimize dust when needed.

All workers use PPE to protect themselves.

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Personal Protection Equipment for demolition may include:
Eye, face, head, hand, foot protection.
Respiratory protection.
Hearing protection.
Protective suits. (Disposable coveralls)
Personal Fall Arrest Systems. This is a system used to arrest an employee in a fall from a working level.

How does Disposal and Recycling work?

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All debris will be hauled-off the site as soon as possible. Hazardous waste will be taken to an approved hazardous waste site. General construction debris will be taken to a waste management site. Recyclables will be taken to a recycle center as deemed necessary.

Who We Serve

MESS Clean Up worksite of external residential property with nice landscaping and clean. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition

Residential & Commercial

We work directly with homeowners in providing guidance as well working with YOUR needs and desires. We recognize that it is your home & we are their to work for you to help you accomplish your goals.

MESS Clean Up worksite removing insulation. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition


We work directly with contractors, either as a sub-contractor or direct to your client. We have the knowledge & the staff to handle any size abatement project.

MESS Clean Up exterior office building. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition. Property Managers example

Property Managers

We work directly with property managers as well as the property owners and tenants to design, coordinate & abate. Whether it’s a 10 square foot drywall cut out due to a water leak or a large demolition/abatement project remodel. 

MESS Clean Up worksite of exterior brick government contract building with flag. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition

Government Contracts

We work directly with any Public Works project such as Universities, School Districts, Government Buildings and Water Districts.
All workers are paid any prevailing wage rate as the determination requires and we handle all needed notifications for the abatement.

Our Methods of Demolition Include

We provide full HEPA filtered negative pressure enclosure systems to isolate our work area from the remaining balance of the structure to control airflow and minimize dust migration.

All abatement workers are AHERA certified and trained in proper Protective Equipment and your safety.

We use wet method removal, prompt cleanup & HEPA detail cleaning.

Using High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) for dust control & final cleanup.

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