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Property Managers

MESS is dedicated to our Property Managers and Management companies to provide a service they can count on day in and day out.

We at MESS will provide customer service, quality of workmanship & an overall experience that is second to none.


MESS Clean Up work van overlooking the Central Coast ocean. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition

Before the Job

A MESS project manager/estimator will coordinate a site visit to determine the scope of work desired and explain our removal process.

We will then walk you through a step by step process on how we plan on conducting this work.

We will then email you an estimate which you can review, ask questions and approve online -it's just that simple.

During the Job

All MESS workers/supervisors are of the highest integrity and are certified by all local, state & federal laws for the task.

Once our workers arrive on-site with the scope of work containing all pertinent information to the project they will introduce themselves and go to work.

If any questions on the project arise, whether from worker, contractor or home/business owner our project manager will be quick to answer and work together for a solution.

MESS Clean Up worksite exterior containment for abatement and remediation. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition
MESS Clean Up worksite on roof top job. Serving California's Central Coast with Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Selective Demolition

After the Job

Once all work is completed our supervisor/operations manager or project manager will conduct a final walk through to ensure all required work is completed.

Once determined that the scope is done we will HEPA vacuum & detail clean-ready for either clearance testing, re-construction or any next trade that follows ensuring their health & safety upon arrival.

Upon completion your project manager/estimator will contact you that our work is completed at which time any questions can and will be answered.

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When you’re suspicious of asbestos, lead, or mold in your home, you don’t just want someone to come in and give you a price to remove it. You want someone to walk you through it. Should you get it tests? Is your health at risk? What exactly will people be doing in your home? MESS approaches every job thinking about not just what our customers need, but what they need to know to make smart decisions.


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We know where to find lead in your home, and how to safely remove it.

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